The wisdom of the past holds visions for the future

The year was 1966. A sleepy little town called Aluva... hovering on the outskirts of Cochin. One man Mr. M.L Patodia saw a dream. A dream of growth ... expansion ...enterprise. A dream called GTN.

The growth curve

The years have rolled by. The baton has changed hands. But the vision remains and the dream lives on. Today, GTN is spinning its way from one milestone to another. The story has evolved into a saga of success and prosperity. GTN has expanded to a capacity of 2,10,000 spindles. From one factory to four.

Our performance is our promise

Implicit trust, high ethical and moral values and unswerving commitment to our customers define the foundation of the GTN group. The exceedingly high standards we set for ourselves is the driving force behind the quality and excellence of all our endeavours.

-B.K. Patodia
Chairman & CMD, GTN Group.